Spring Porch Decorating- A Guide to Budget-Friendly Style

Spring Porch Decorating- A Guide to Budget-Friendly Style

When the chance of snow is finally gone, I long to see color outside my windows. With pieces from around your home and just 1 or 2 new elements, your porch can become a welcoming haven. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to decorate a porch for Spring:

Step 1: Clean and Declutter
Before you start decorating, it's important to clean and declutter your porch. Remove any old or damaged items, sweep the floors, and wipe down any surfaces. This will provide a fresh canvas for your Spring decor.

Step 2: Add a Welcome Mat
A welcome mat is not only functional but also adds a pop of color to your porch. Choose a bright and cheerful mat that matches your Spring theme. To add more of a humorous touch, check out this option.

Step 3: Add Potted Plants
Natural elements are a must-have for Spring decor. Choose potted plants with blooming flowers or vibrant green leaves. Place them on the floor, on a small table, or our favorite, an old child's stool or bench. This adds depth and height to your porch.

Step 4: Hang a Wreath- Or Something Similar
A wreath is a great way to add a focal point to your porch. Choose a wreath made with Spring flowers or greenery. Hang it on your front door or on a wall. But remember to consider other items that hang, too. The traditional wreath shape can be swapped for a swag or any shaped wood or metal piece. We offer really cool dragonflies that can hang through Spring and Summer.

Step 5: Add Some Light. One nice part of improving technology is all the options for outdoor lighting we now have. Timer candles, Lanterns, battery-powered light sets, and LEDs make this possible year-round, and not just for Christmas!

Step 6: Add Decorative Accents. Finally, add some decorative accents to complete your Spring porch decor. This can be anything from birdhouses, lanterns, or wind chimes to a small garden statue or a decorative sign. We offer hand painted wood signs and faux flower arrangements. Or check out our collection of birdhouses here.

With these simple steps, your porch will be transformed into a beautiful Spring oasis that welcomes you and your guests.

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