Collection: Wood Bowls - Quality Craftsmanship from Locally Sourced Wood

Handcrafted in PA, these wood bowls are great for serving food or giving small items a fabulous storage space. Our lead crafter creates these handmade products with a smooth finish. Our wooden bowls are made with care and attention to small details that make all the difference between just another bowl- and something extra special.

Customer Testimonials

I've acquired a diverse collection of handcrafted charcuterie boards, ranging in various shapes and sizes. Each purchase has left me thoroughly thrilled! Their stunning aesthetics and impeccable craftsmanship make them truly exquisite and exceptionally well-crafted.

It's incredibly impressive! The construction is of top-notch quality. I have confidence that it will endure for many years. Thank you!

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The Jenna- Our Longest Wood Serving Board Sassafras Originals

The inspiration behind the Jenna Board

Around town, people know when I use my Sassafras "Jenna" board, handmade with love. Christopher is wonderful to work with and always pays attention to every detail. Tacos or charcuterie, it makes the best statement on my table."


-Jenna G.