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It's Not Just a Business, It's a Lifestyle

Why shop local and support small businesses? Because it matters. It matters to the community, the environment, and your wallet.

At Sassafras Originals, the love and appreciation for handmade crafts and traditions are at the heart of everything we do. As a small business ourselves, we understand the significant impact that supporting small businesses has on our community. That is why we feel passionately about highlighting the importance of supporting those in our community.

Supporting small businesses helps your community thrive. They play a vital role in creating jobs, boosting the economy, and adding character to neighborhoods. The unique offerings that small businesses bring to the table provide customers with a personalized and special experience that chain stores cannot replicate.

When you support a small business, you're choosing to invest in something more significant than a simple transaction. You're investing in a community's livelihood and the families behind the brands. By doing so, you're also supporting a culture of quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship, with each product being made with the utmost intention and care.

Let's look at how much money you're leaving on the table when you shop at big-box stores. According to this study by the American Public Transportation Association, when you spend $100 at a local business, $68 of it stays in your community. But when you spend $100 at a chain store? Only $43 of it stays in your community. That's a difference of $25 per every hundred dollars spent!

Not only do your dollars stay in your city when shopping locally, but they also get reinvested back into your city—and not just in terms of taxes (though those are important too). Locally owned shops tend to hire locally and give back to their communities through donations or sponsorships for events and organizations. They also hire people who live there—people who use their services and support other small businesses around them.

Supporting small businesses also helps preserve the environment: by using less packaging and resources to deliver your goods, you're doing your part to reduce waste.

When you purchase from a small business like Sassafras Originals, you can rest assured that you’re getting a one-of-a-kind piece. Each item has been lovingly and intentionally crafted with attention to every detail. By investing in our products, you'll have the satisfaction of owning something unique and knowing you're supporting a brand with a commitment to tradition and excellence.

We understand that shopping small can seem challenging at times, but we encourage you to take the time to research and explore local businesses in your area. From local markets and boutiques to online marketplaces and social media, there are countless ways to support small businesses. We urge you to join us in supporting small businesses in your community. Your investment in our brand and others like us goes a long way toward creating a thriving and unique community—each purchase an investment in the art and tradition that we hold so dearly.


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