Let's Transform a Dollar Tree Wall Hanging

Let's Transform a Dollar Tree Wall Hanging

There are countless videos and posts on social media about taking an inexpensive item and giving it a personal touch. This is certainly not a new concept, but being that I truly love Autumn and pumpkins, this Dollar Tree wall hanging inspired me to try it myself. While the wall hanging is cute and fine to use as is, I needed something a little brighter for a display I was putting together. Plus, I just had to cover up those sunflowers (yep, I am anti-sunflower), but that's for another blog.

Since I was trying to keep the transformation affordable, I gathered materials I already had. I chose a piece of textured orange cardstock, some black and silver glitter tape, a wooden Fall-themed ornament, twine, and both Mod Podge and E6000.

An orange pumpkin shape cut out of cardstock.

 First, I traced and cut the pumpkin shape on the cardstock.

 I applied Mod Podge to the Dollar Tree pumpkin with a foam brush, and laid the cardstock on top, smoothing carefully. I allowed this to dry completely. 


Because I planned to use this pumpkin on an outdoor display, I added a thin layer of Mod Podge to the cardstock, and let it dry completely. If you are not using your piece outdoors, I would skip this step.

Next, I cut 5 lengths of the decorative tape to fit the pumpkin when placed vertically. I didn't worry too much about the ends, as I could trim them after the tape was placed. 

The pumpkin actually came with a metal leaf attached. I removed it and cut the stem of the leaf so I could use the E6000 to glue it to the front of the pumpkin.

Pieces of black and silver tape placed vertically on an orange pumpkin.                                         I wrapped twine around the stem                                               tightly and glued the ends on the back of of the pA metal leaf glued to a pumpkin shape and twine wrapped around the stem of the pumpkin.umpkin with E6000.
A green wood tag with "Happy Fall, Y'all" painted on it. The tag is attached just left of center on the pumpkin.
The final step was to add the pre-decorated wood piece. I had this in my decorating stash, but you could use any decorative item you have or can get inexpensively.
I could have easily attached a hanger and used this on a wall. But as I said earlier, I knew I wanted to use as part of a display. I had a piece of fence from one of my vendors, to which my husband attached a few stalks of corn with zip ties. We then used a staple gun to attach the pumpkin for that pop of color I felt the fence needed. Since the final piece didn't sell at our last Pop Up Market, it now sits on my front porch, ready to greet visitors and Trick or Treaters!
A close-up photo of the final fence piece.      A photo of the decorated fence piece with a mum in front of it.
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