The Faux Signs of Hobby Lobby and Michaels

The Faux Signs of Hobby Lobby and Michaels

I see a lot of people using the wood blanks sold at craft supply companies like Hobby Lobby and Michaels to make signs. Even Target now offers more craft blanks. Although the sale prices and variety of shapes offered can make it tempting to use these - and I do use them sometimes - I urge you to be cautious when purchasing a sign or wood decor piece for your home. The blanks and even some of the pre-made signs sold by these companies are often made from thin pine shipped overseas, balsa wood, or even pieces of wood glued together. They can be damaged more easily and sometimes have spots with little sanding done to them.  

Left and Center: Sassafras boards painted for a project. Right: 3 boards purchased at Michaels Craft Store.

At Sassafras, we pride ourselves on using North American wood when making our wood signs and custom projects. Often this wood is locally sourced. We salvage cabinet doors, real wood shelving, and save cut-offs from larger projects. We like knowing that the wood will continue on in your home rather than in a landfill. If our prices seem higher than another crafter or another website, keep in mind that we are careful in selecting the best materials for our products.

2 boards painted for a project

By using better materials for our products, they are more durable. We ensure our creations are sanded, painted, and finished with quality products, too. By using the best materials from start to finish, we're able to offer you signs and decor that will last you a lifetime. To see our current inventory, shop our Artisanal Everyday Decor, Charcuterie Boards and Wood Bowl Collections on our website,

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