What Inspires You: Finding Inspiration for Fresh and Unique Decor

What Inspires You: Finding Inspiration for Fresh and Unique Decor

Do you have a hard time keeping your decor fresh? Sometimes I do.
I love to decorate for the seasons, but in the last few years, it's been more difficult physically due to my PMA (slow-progressing form of ALS). I also suffer from TMD, a condition made up by me, which stands for Too-Many-Decorations! 

The last few years, I've been simplifying the number of decorative items I keep. While it's hard to part with some of them, reducing the number of things gives me more freedom to buy something new and express my current style. This year, however, I was at a loss for what to do with our front porch. It's not that I didn't have access to enough stuff—I just needed some inspiration.

When this happens, I often turn to magazines and the internet for inspiring photos. I don't necessarily copy what I see, but it definitely sparks an idea in my head. To me, no one should copy exactly what someone else does with decorating; that's boring! I love seeing the individual creativity in people's decor and how they express themselves through their outdoor spaces.  

This is the photo I used for my inspiration:


And these are some photos of what Christopher and I put together this week:


So, as we continue through the seasons, I hope this inspires you to keep your decor lively and your porches adorned with treasures that reflect the essence of who we are. Embrace simplicity, seek inspiration, and let that creativity flow. Remember, it's not about copying, but about crafting your own story, one porched-filled chapter at a time.

Where do you go to be inspired by decor? Maybe it's a home goods store, or a craft show, or just a walk around the block. Let us know in the comments! And, we're adding a special bonus to this blog. If you add a comment answering our question above or any relevant comment really, you'll be entered to receive a Fall-themed gift from Sassafras! Good luck!

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